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The Placencia—a private, gated 6,500-acre master-planned property in Belize fronting over 3,000 acres of Caribbean coastline and five miles of lagoon and Caribbean shores. Here, along the most pristine beaches of the Placencia Belize Peninsula, we’re realizing our dream to create the flagship destination for Belize Hotels and Belize Real Estate by introducing the world to the riches of this Caribbean Eden.

Within this unspoiled setting of verdant forests, “barefoot-perfect” beaches and crystalline waters, a diversity of eco-adventures, family-friendly experiences and tropical residences await you here in Belize—all served by the country’s most gracious staff. Owning property in The Placencia Belize means you’ll have exclusive membership to the Caribbean’s most comprehensive private club, giving you access to boundless opportunities.

As a conservation-oriented environment, The Placencia includes sustainable programs, environmentally sensitive designs and pedestrian-friendly eco-districts that will keep The Placencia virtually car-free. The sustainable mindset extends to eco-friendly Belize Homes, Belize Villas, Belize Condos, environmental programs, renewable energy, plans for a Marine Sanctuary and social programs to uplift local villages.

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