Nature and Wildlife


High up in the hills of the Hummingbird Highway, one of the many branches of the Sibun River makes its underground journey towards its main water body. Many years ago there was a large collapse of a cave system in the tropical forests of the Hummingbird Highway. Today, immaculately Read more


Imagine standing in the midst of hundreds of iridescent Blue Morpho Butterflies in flight. Nestled on the grounds of Chaa Creek Resort in the Cayo District, a small-screened structure stands as a productive butterfly farm. Here visitors can observe the fascinating life stages of the Read more


In 1983 the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center was established to provide a home for wild animals that were used in making documentary films about tropical forests. The Belize Zoo is now settled upon 29 acres of tropical savannah and has approximately 125 animals all native to Read more

Lush mountainous landscapes

It is believed by some that the unique ecosystems of the Mountain Pine Ridge were created centuries ago when a volcanic island erupted onto the mainland. Today, some 127,203 acres of semi-tropical forest, containing a mixture of pine and broadleaf vegetation, all thriving on undulating Read more


The Rio Bravo Conservation Area is located in the Orange Walk District, and is owned and managed by a private nonprofit Belizean organization, Programme for Belize. The area consists of some 250,000 acres; made up of a combination of broadleaf forest, swamp forest, palm forest, savannah, Read more

Peccaries can be seen from the road

From Orange Walk, the journey to Gallon Jug takes about three hours, allowing plenty of time to look out for wildlife along the way. Due to its remote location, and the elimination of hunting, regular animal sightings can be expected. From La Milpa Field Station to Gallon Jug, there is an Read more

Well-marked Trail

The Jaguar Preserve is located in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. In 1984 the area was first declared a forest reserve, then in 1986 a small portion was declared a sanctuary. In 1990, the sanctuary was expanded to include the entire forest reserve, resulting in a total protected Read more


Towering 130 feet into the clouds and reaching 6 feet across, the majestic feat of nature known as the Guanacaste Tree, home to numerous species of birds and a large population of orchids and epiphytes, stands as a landmark in the 50-acre forest reserve, known as the Guanacaste National Read more


Hidden in a scenic valley in the Cayo District, the 45-acre Belize Botanic Gardens is alive with plants from Belize and around the world. The Belize Botanic Gardens was registered as a non-profit organization in 1997, after being purchased and cleared as a personal replanting farm project Read more


The Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Belize’s many wildlife reserves. Over 540 species of birds have been spotted in the country, and at Crooked Tree, it is impossible not to be impressed by the abundance of birdlife. Founded in 1984, this sanctuary comprises some 16,400 acres Read more


The Community Baboon Sanctuary is located almost thirty miles from Belize City, and is possibly one of the most successful stories in wildlife conservation in the region. The Community Baboon Sanctuary was founded in 1985 with the purpose of protecting one of the few remaining healthy Read more

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