Hidden Valley Falls

Deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, the tallest waterfall in Belize and all of Central America plummets 1600 feet off a steep cliff into the densely forested depths below. Seemingly swallowed up by the green forests at its base inspired the falls name ~ Hidden Valley Falls. It is also referred to as Thousand-Foot Falls because of its extraordinary height.


View from lookout point

Upon entering the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, visitors travel along the main road for about 2 miles before making a turn at the Hidden Valley Falls sign. About 4 miles in brings visitors to the falls, the lookout point and the picnic area. Being part of a private reserve within the Pine Ridge area, a fee of BZ$3.00 is charged to all visitors. There are restroom facilities as well as a small souvenir shop on site. The lookout point is several hundreds of yards away from the actual waterfall but the scenery it provides is awe-inspiring.


Splash of white in green

The pristine white column of water effortlessly falling into the forest below is like a thin white satin ribbon running through a steep and forested valley.

All 1600 feet of water falls into a deep pool at its base, which is not visible from the lookout point. A short trail around the escarpment is available for those wishing to experience more awesome views of the lush green valley. For the more adventuresome at heart, a challenging hike down the mountainside is offered, with the assistance of a guide, to swim in the pool at the base of the tallest waterfall in all of Central America!

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