Geography - Where is Belize?

With a population of approximately 270,000, Belize sits on the Caribbean coast of Central America.   Bordered by Mexico in the north, Guatemala in the west and south, and by the Caribbean Sea in the east, Belize occupies some 8,867 square miles of land with over 200 cayes offshore.   Mainland Belize consists of 180 miles in length from the Mexican border in the north to Guatemalan border in the south.   Its widest spot stretches 68 miles across.

All coastal expanses and most of the northern portion of the country are relatively flat with mangrove swamps and pine savannahs defining their landscapes. However, the land rises in the south and west, with the majestic Maya Mountains elevating to over 3000 feet above sea level; Victoria Peak being Belize’s highest point, soaring 3,675 feet.

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